Are you in the mood for some comfortable food? Easy, fast and healthy? Check out this yummy recipe I made for lunch today!

Here’s what you’ll need.


Red Quinoa

image4 (5)

Green Garbanzo Beans

image1 (10)

Yam Leaves

image2 (8)


image3 (7)


Cook the red quinoa and mix with all the vegetables above.

image6 (1)image2 (9)image3 (8)image4 (6)

Salad Dressing – Just mix all the ingredients below:

2 tb of Olive Oil

image1 (11)

1 tb of Pomegranate Sauce

Salt and Pepper

image7 (1)

image5 (3)image4 (7)image1 (12)image2 (10)


To top it off, peel the cucumber and place right next to the meal. It’s a little trick that makes the plate look as if was prepared in a nice fancy restaurant!

I hope you all enjoy my recipe of the day!


image5 (4)

Have a nice week everyone! :-)

image3 (9)