Hello Ladies,

Here we go! Summer ! 100 degrees is always an enticing reason to stay home! kidding
As the summer moves ahead full-throttle, sales are happening pretty much
everywhere! Although technically we don’t ”need”  more of
anything in our closets, we’re women and like ice cream…summer goodies are hard
to pass up.
Should you want, say, a cherry on top of that ice cream sundae think about this  …
As the malls are full of shoppers scavenging through racks and racks of things that
aren’t even remotely interesting except that it is on sale and not to mention
on its last leg (even with a mark-down the item in question is still incredibly
expensive). Wouldn’t you rather come to a well-stocked Indexx with say,
reasonably priced items like new Clu, Vince, and love nail tree?
All new by the way …I’m banking on yes ; )  So stop on by !