These days my husband and I have been entertaining so much. Cooking for a big crowd of people seems as if  it would take all day but because of my backward in the restaurant business, cooking not only comes easy but is so relaxing. Especially, desert and appetizers.  A lot of people tend to take the easy route when it comes to the starters or our sweet tooth finishers. I on the other hand, believe in the importance of presentation.  Appetizers can really set off a good evening or make it go south fairly quickly. That can also be said for a bitter desert after an appetizing meal. 

Here is one of my favorite Starter/ Desert ..a healthier option…

-First slice 3 granny smith apples 

– Cheese cream 2 packs

-Caramel sauce heat 2 minutes

– Crushed Pecans about 6

Total time  8 minutes

Find a beautiful serving dish to place the granny smith apple on the outer rime of the dish. Take the cheese cream place in  a round bowl and flip the bowl in center onto the serving dish. Lastly, take a few table spoons of your melted caramel sauce and pour on our cheese cream. Sparkle a few pecans right on top and done !  Enjoy!