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Red Quinoa & Green Vegetable

Are you in the mood for some comfortable food? Easy, fast and healthy? Check out this yummy recipe I made for lunch today!

Here’s what you’ll need.


Red Quinoa

Green Garbanzo Beans

Yam Leaves



Cook the red quinoa and mix with all the vegetables above.

Salad Dressing – Just mix all the ingredients below:

2 tb of Olive Oil

1 tb of Pomegranate Sauce

Salt and […]

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Dumpling Delight

A great way to have an Asian night  experience at home.

How to :


Buy a can or fresh slices of  pineapple

Buy packaged dumpling -I prefer Trader Joes

Heat pan and satay w grape seed oil for 3 mins

Add one cup water

Soy sauce  sesame

Oil white vinegar

Pepper and one teaspoon of sriracha sauce

Satay asparagus off to the side of […]

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Spicy Salmon

This spicy dish is my husband’s favorite.


How to:


Clean Salmon

season w/ salt -pepper-Half a lemon

Put in  the Oven at 350

30 min.



Half avocado

One tablespoon oil olive

Salt/ Pepper

Half  lemon juice

2 slices of  jalapeno

Blend together until creamy

garish w/baby tomato and arugula and such veggies


Fish anyone?

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I’m half Chinese and Korean …I love sushi and I know good sushi. So when I was in Tuscany I was surprise to see such a cute little quaint place and had such fancy sushi …sushi is an art and so easy to make. One thing I loved about this place was that they use Pink sprouts. […]

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Pizza Tuscan style

I love a healthy pizza so on a Saturday night instead of going out my husband and I pop in a movie and in about 30 mins or so ready to enjoy!

First you need to start with the dough. I found a great one at  Trader Joe’s called  Giotto’s Organic Pizza Crust made in Italy for about $10.00 […]

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Pineapple sorbet

I love sorbet so much but hate what it does to my waistline. Aside from the high quantity of Vitamin C  you get, it’s a great substitution for ice cream( in moderation) .   

Here is one of my easiest recipes  serving size for 2

First you need surprise surprise …a pineapple.

– Cut in half and empty out […]

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I get the best service at home  eating out all the time can get expensive and scary. I always say there is never a safer way to eat than preparing it with your own hands. From time to time my husband and I like to spend an evening cooking.  With all the high potential of harboring bacteria in fresh foods […]

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Desert Anyone ?

These days my husband and I have been entertaining so much. Cooking for a big crowd of people seems as if  it would take all day but because of my backward in the restaurant business, cooking not only comes easy but is so relaxing. Especially, desert and appetizers.  A lot of people tend to take the easy […]

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Dinner for two please …

My husband and I enjoy cooking so much so that we take turns cooking are best meals. Anyone that can cook knows timing and preparation is everything.  Here is one healthy meal that is easy for anyone with limited time.  A chopped veggie salad ..little olive oil, salt , and pepper.

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Oh party!

We all know planning parties are no a walk in the park …especially for those of us who  would  rather call in an order at our favorite restaurant.  Fortunately,  I’m blessed with a cooking gene called ” I didn’t have a choice”.  Looking back now I was lucky my father owned a restaurant.  As a teen working in […]

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