Serving our customers for last 15 years has provided proper opportunity to be able to understand and develop the best of the best lines of ladies fashionable clothing and accessories in reflection of our client’s personalities and comfort. We are constantly working with high end well known and respected designers and manufactures with in fashion capitols of the world, American, Asian and European alike.

Some of the lines of clothing offered at our store with compatible prices are:A.L.C, Mother, Vince, Curren Elliot, Joie, Hoss, Humanoid, Pas de Calais and many more. To appreciate these magnificent garments and designer pieces you need to stop by and our professional friendly sales consultants will set the stage for you to decide for yourself.
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My husband and I discovered this man on our walk in Rome …At first confusion until I realized that can’t be possible …look closer and you will see what I mean ….

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Dressy with a twist

European Fashion- there is nothing like it. This time around I didn’t find much that I liked but I will say I loved this trend. So my look! Cocktail dresses with a twist of a sneaker…we all know western is in …but can’t wait for this to hit the states ; )

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Walking around on my little journey in Paris I came across this sign . As I approached a guard standing outside a fabulous jewelry store He informed me this post has been in standing for over 100 years…So I began to ask myself  

” I wonder if Coco Chanel was inspired by this ? ” […]

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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

As I end my journey here ….I take away from my trip a different perspective. In my late 20’s  I traveled to Europe on a journey to find myself and looked at this magical place through different eyes. I was trying to take it all in more focused on the material value.  This trip, I […]

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Fancy Leaves

I love making use of all things disposable. Extra wrapping …I’ll take it ! Extra branches on my front lawn …now we are talking! You can truly find beauty in anything. The other day I was on my front porch thinking about the center piece for my up coming party. As I pondered away I […]

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Dinner for two please …

My husband and I enjoy cooking so much so that we take turns cooking are best meals. Anyone that can cook knows timing and preparation is everything.  Here is one healthy meal that is easy for anyone with limited time.  A chopped veggie salad ..little olive oil, salt , and pepper.

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Oh party!

We all know planning parties are no a walk in the park …especially for those of us who  would  rather call in an order at our favorite restaurant.  Fortunately,  I’m blessed with a cooking gene called ” I didn’t have a choice”.  Looking back now I was lucky my father owned a restaurant.  As a teen working in […]

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Relaxed is in

Calling all comfortable clothing !  A relaxed trouser for Summer /Pre fall  is such a must. Living in California, I love all my customers like comfort with a twist of style and of course with our crazy weather it’s always necessary to wear clothing that breathe.  

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Spring fever

I love all the print happening for Spring. It’s so exciting to see such bold and feminine styles. xo

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