Serving our customers for last 15 years has provided proper opportunity to be able to understand and develop the best of the best lines of ladies fashionable clothing and accessories in reflection of our client’s personalities and comfort. We are constantly working with high end well known and respected designers and manufactures with in fashion capitols of the world, American, Asian and European alike.

Some of the lines of clothing offered at our store with compatible prices are:A.L.C, Mother, Vince, Curren Elliot, Joie, Hoss, Humanoid, Pas de Calais and many more. To appreciate these magnificent garments and designer pieces you need to stop by and our professional friendly sales consultants will set the stage for you to decide for yourself.
We Hope to see you soon.


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Fall 2014 at Indexx

One of my favorite lines is A.L.C.

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Summer color

Today’s look

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I love to paint in my spare time enjoy : )

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Fall 2014 Indexx

New fall is here soon Ready-to-wear fall 2014… I love A.L.C.

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All Foley Bags on Sale now 20% off! Hurry in!

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Did you know

Sometimes things get stale in relationships, work, personal life etc. Indexx is a special kind of place. Not only can you feel relaxed in this environment but we offer great service in store and out. Most people don’t know that we offer services such as closet organization and styling. I have been doing it for many […]

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Flowers make the heart sing

For many years people that have come to my store love the flower arrangements I do. I love to garden! People Don’t know the story about this plant  that so famously became kind of a signature …it was a mistake that saved my dinner party. One night I was having some friends over and being […]

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Okay, so ”need” is a strong word

Hello Ladies,

Here we go! Summer ! 100 degrees is always an enticing reason to stay home! kidding

As the summer moves ahead full-throttle, sales are happening pretty much

everywhere! Although technically we don’t ”need”  more of

anything in our closets, we’re women and like ice cream…summer goodies are hard

to pass up.

Should you want, say, a cherry on top […]

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Cheap facial from home

Facials can be super expensive and not to mention if  not done properly,  they can be damaging to your skin. Natural products are always to best solution for nourishing your skin without a chance of break outs. Here is one facial that will cost you pennies on the dollar to do from home …


Egg yoke […]

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A little sugar

I love do things on my own. Especially Because things like a good facials can be so costly. I recently went to a spa with a friend and was curious about a brown sugar facial they offered…once I read the ingredients… I thought No way I’m I paying for this!  So today I want to tell you about my […]

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